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Here you can see a selection of affiliations which I feel demonstrate my commitment to providing you with the best voice overs possible.


Spotlight is the best UK, industry-recognised hub for sourcing acting talent. By being part of this group, you can see that I am an artiste with recognised training and experience, putting me amongst the first choice for anyone casting a professional TV, Film, Stage, Radio or Commercial Production.


I am a proud member of Equity, the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners. As a leading industry organisation, Equity is known and respected nationally and internationally. By being a member of Equity, I am demonstrating both my professionalism and acceptance within the acting community, together with the fact that this family also gives me a voice in a business I love.

Equity members may work on both union and non-union projects.

The Actors’ Guild

The Actors’ Guild is the largest membership organisation offering on-going professional development for actors in the UK and the only one that offers an ever evolving collection of workshops & services that is genuinely actor led.

By being a member of TAG, you can be assured that I am forever working proactively to improve my skills and to obtain new ones, in order that I can remain at the top of my game.

Voxy Ladies

The Voxy Ladies are a hand-picked, selective collective of professional female voice artists representing every genre, sound & niche in the industry.

Each Voxy Lady is an established, professional voiceover talent with a great work ethic and super positive attitude, hand-picked to be a part of the Voxy Ladies collective.

Cromerty York - What I do


ipDTL is quickly becoming the go-to resource for voice over talent. Why pay for expensive ISDN codecs and connections, when you have a simple, less-expensive software option available?
My ipDTL connection can now be used to bridge your own ISDN, as well as your own ipDTL.
Lower equipment costs for me, mean lower project costs for you, but still the same great quality.
Give it a try today!

The VoiceOver Network

The VoiceOver Network has become the UK’s #1 place for anyone working in the industry, whether a beginner, intermediate or experienced professional, and is dedicated to helping and strengthening the UK voiceover industry.



I was trained as a voice over talent at The School of Voice Over in Minnesota, USA, where I studied for two years, experiencing coaching from some of USA’s leading coaches, including Gary Bingner, John Farrell, Beth Chaplin and Ross Young, amongst others.

Great training means that I can apply my skills in a way which means you will always be happy with the end-results.

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