BAFTA Member

Cromerty York - BAFTA Member

A New BAFTA Member – Cromerty York!

Cromerty York At The One Voice Awards

Cromerty York At The One Voice Awards

I’m super-excited to announce that I have been invited to join BAFTA!

Hot on the heels of some of my latest gaming, corporate and advertising work, and as one of the UK’s most in-demand female voice over artists, I’m looking forward to joining my fellow actors, and hoping to help the world of voice over evolve to meet today’s market challenges.


As part of BAFTA Connect, I will join BAFTA’s unique community of members, supporting their mission to champion creativity and share a vision for a more inclusive, sustainable industry.

Oh, and also they have a pretty sweet bar at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly.

See you there!