"Cromerty did a really great job. She was always fast to respond and tried out lots of accents and approaches which helped the client iron out what they wanted. She took on board all feedback and gave us three fantastic takes with multiple versions, so we have plenty to choose from. Would recommend her whole-heartedly."

- Louise O'Connor

Female Voice Over Samples

With my incredibly adaptable vocal abilities, I have the capacity to tailor the perfect tone for your brand, significantly enhancing your customers' connection with your product or service. Whether you require a natural, warm, and lively tone, a sophisticated and alluring delivery, or even a bold and authoritative voice, I can deliver.

A teenager's spirit, a child's innocence, the vibrancy of a young woman, the nurturing essence of a parent, or a myriad of character voices - all your voice over needs can be catered for.

Together with many accents, dialects and languages, I'm one of the most sought-after female voice artists in the industry.

Listen to my voice over samples to hear my vocal range and versatility in action.

Would you like to know more?

Call me today on 07786585995 or email me info@alteregovoices.com.

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Cromerty York - British Female Voice Over Artist

Cromerty York – The British Female Voice Over Artist

Cromerty York - Fantastic Voice Overs



A British Voice Over Artist With A World-Wide Appeal


BAFTA member Cromerty York is one of the most established and experienced female voice over artists in the UK, with 20 years of recording experience providing voice over services worldwide.

If you’re aiming to reach a world-wide audience, English is a great language for advertising, corporate videos, product launches, eLearning and gaming. Recording material in English improves accessibility through the widespread use of the language. For a clear, confident, understandable British Female Voiceover, look no further than Cromerty York Voiceovers.

As a native English speaker who speaks French, German and Spanish fluently, I understand the nuances of communicating with people for whom English is not a primary language. I can bring your scripts to life without any loss of clarity.

Read more about my experience, clients, and skills on my voiceover website, look at my videos or listen to my female voice over demos,  then contact me via phone at (+44) 07786 585 995 or email at info@alteregovoices.com. I’d love to hear from you!



If you’ve enjoyed my voice over samples today, send me a message.

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