Cromerty York


Acting Headshots

Voice Over Actor – Both On-Screen and Off!


As a British female voice-over and on-screen talent, I believe that my success stems from three key factors: my dedication to my craft, my ability to connect with my audience, and my versatility as a performer.

I am deeply passionate about my work as a voice-over actress and on-screen talent. I spend countless hours studying my craft, practicing my delivery, and honing my skills to ensure that I am delivering the best possible performance every time. Whether I am working on a commercial, a video game, or a film, I am always striving to exceed expectations and bring my unique voice and perspective to the table.

I believe that my ability to connect with my audience is one of my greatest strengths as a performer. Whether I am delivering a heartfelt monologue or a witty one-liner, I always strive to create a sense of authenticity and relatability in my work. By tapping into my own experiences and emotions, I am able to create performances that resonate with my viewers and listeners on a deep, emotional level.

My versatility as an actor has helped me stand out in a crowded industry. From comedic roles to dramatic performances, from video games to animated series, I am always ready and willing to take on new challenges and push myself to new heights as a performer. By embracing the wide range of opportunities available to me as a voice over and on-screen talent, I have been able to build a diverse and rewarding career that has allowed me to connect with audiences around the world.

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