The Ten Most Important Things For Your Voiceover Business This Year

Cromerty York - British Female Voiceover Challenges

Future-Proof Your Voiceover Business

Creating your own voiceover business is not just a one-off event – it’s an evolution, driven by client-expectation and your own experience. Here are the top ten most important things driving the voiceover industry:

Voiceover Demand

The demand for professional voiceover talent has increased significantly in recent years, as the industry expands with new technologies and platforms that require voiceovers, such as audiobooks, podcasts, e-learning, animation and voiceovers for advertising.

Home Studios

Voiceover work can be done remotely in a professional broadcast quality home-studio, which has allowed the industry to continue thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic. This trend is likely to continue as companies realize the cost benefits of remote voiceover work.

Multilingual Talent

The market for foreign language voiceovers is expanding rapidly, with more businesses and organizations requiring multilingual talent to reach global audiences. There is also the move away from dry RP British English voiceovers, and more towards using natural UK accents (such as a Northern voice over), allowing for a more realistic read which the audience can identify with.

The AI Threat

The rise of AI voice technology, such as virtual assistants and chatbots, has created new opportunities for voice actors to provide the voices of these virtual entities, which is already affecting work-availability and rates.

Adaptability & Versatility

Professionalism and versatility are highly valued traits in the voiceover business. A successful voice actor should be able to adapt to a variety of roles and genres, and deliver high-quality recordings within tight deadlines.


Networking is essential in the voiceover business. Building connections with clients, producers, and fellow voice actors can lead to new job opportunities and collaborations.

On-Line Presence

Building a strong online presence through a professional website and social media channels is crucial for voice actors to showcase their talents and attract clients.


Continuing education and training is important to stay current with industry trends, technologies, and techniques.

Voiceover Rates

Rates for voiceover work vary widely depending on factors such as experience, project type, and usage rights. It’s important for voice actors to negotiate fair rates and protect their intellectual property rights.

Voiceover Success

The voiceover business can be highly competitive, and it takes time, dedication, and hard work to build a successful career in this industry. Check out what equipment is suggested for voiceover too.

Bringing Your Words to Life with My Voice

And how do I fit into this? As a female voice over artist, I am always in demand. I have my own home-studio, built to a professional standard which can provide the crystal-clear recordings clients expect. I can connect to your studio with Source Connect Pro, Clean Feed – even via a Discord server –  or I can record right here and send the files directly to your in-box. Whatever makes you happy!

If you’re looking for a British voice over artist, send me an email today, and I will get you heard!