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Simply and quickly create a base-line quote for your estimates, based on your basic studio rate and a per minute rate.
You can enter the number of words in a script to easily find an estimate of how long the finished audio would be, depending on the speed at which you read.
No details are stored or passed to the host when using this calculator (see Terms and Conditions) .

How many words can you fit on an A4 sheet?

One sentence contains an average of 11 words and one A4 sheet contains an average of 32 to 35 sentences. Therefore, an A4 sheet has an average of 350 to 400 words.
Microsoft Word offers a function that allows you to see how many words a document contains. The number of words can be checked by going to File -> Properties, or displayed at the bottom left of the status bar. This word count will not always be correct, since Microsoft Word does not count words in pictures or text boxes.
Bear in mind also that an hour’s finished audio takes up to six hours to record, process and QA.

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