What Is Voiceover?

Cromerty York - Voice Actor

Voiceovers Bringing Visuals to Life

Voiceover refers to the recording of a voice to accompany a visual production such as a film, television program, video game, or advertisement. It’s a type of audio recording that’s typically not seen or heard by the audience, but rather heard over the visuals.

The voiceover artist provides a narration, dialogue, or commentary to enhance the story or message being conveyed in the visual production.

Why Is Voiceover So Important?

Voiceover has become an integral part of modern media and advertising. It is used to bring life and personality to otherwise static images, and provides information or context to the audience.

Voiceover artists come from various backgrounds, including acting, radio, and public speaking. They have the ability to convey emotion, energy, and tone through their voice, and their performance can greatly impact the overall impact of the visual production.

How Voiceover Has Changed

The use of voiceover has grown with the advent of digital technology, making it easier and more cost-effective to produce high-quality voiceover recordings. The rise of online platforms and the growth of content creation has also created new opportunities for voiceover artists to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience.

With the increasing demand for voice over services in various media, such as gaming, audio-drama and advertising, the industry continues to evolve and offer new opportunities for both aspiring and established voiceover artists.

What I Do As a Voice Artist

I have been a voiceover artist for over 15 years, and love my job! Where else can I be making the noise of a small scared mushroom at 10am, then discussing the merits of scalable IT infrastructure just an hour later? And why choose a UK voiceover? Have a read, and call me if you would like a no-obligation demo.


I  have a professional broadcast quality studio in the North of England and regularly do voiceover work in London Studios. Drop me a line, and tell me about your project and I’ll quickly let you know how I can help.