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Child & Teenager Voice-Over Artist Specialising in Voices and Accents

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Female Child & Teenager Voiceover Artist Services

Lilly is an experienced child & teenage voiceover actor who works in her own professional studio in the rolling moors of North Yorkshire (with ISDN, Source Connect and ipDTL), with recording, editing and production capabilities, saving you the cost of studio hire, as well as making sure you get the quickest possible turnaround times.

She is bilingual, speaking English and French fluently, and is able to interpret copy perfectly, giving it just the right level of enthusiasm and emotion.

Female Child & Teenager Voice-Over Talent Testimonial
A truly beautiful voice!!

British Child & Teenager Voice-Over Talent Testimonial


Alice Stokely (executive producer)


Get The Best Child & Teenager Voice Talent

In order to provide you with the best rates for Lilly’s voiceover artist services, please ensure you tell me the following when contacting us about your voiceover requirements:

    • Your budget
    • The length of the script
    • Any accent /dialect or style specifications
    • The speed or tone
    • Whether it is intended for broadcast or non-broadcast
    • The format in which you would like the finished product to be delivered (mp3 / wav / etc)
    • The deadline for the project

Some Things To Consider

Using a younger voice-over is never quite the same as using an adult.

For Lilly, doing voice-overs is a hobby to be fitted around college, so turn-around times might be a little different from what you might expect with working with full-time adults.

However, she loves doing what she does and looks forward to a voice-over gig, performing with enthusiasm, imagination and by having lots of fun, creating projects to a high professional standard.

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Call (+44) (0) 7786 585 995 or visit Cromerty York Voice Overs for more information on pricing or full list of terms and conditions



Looking for a child female voiceover for a TV commercial? Maybe a voice actor for a video game?

Whether you need a voice artist for an animation, a documentary, a corporate explainer or e-learning, a tour guide, a phone prompt, a training video, or even the squeak of a mushroom for a video game, then you’ve come to the right place!

Lilly is great at voicing small children and teens, and was nominated for BEST CHILD VOICEOVER at the One Voice Awards!

Booking us is quick and easy. You can direct a live session or receive fully edited files, recorded in our professional broadcast studio.

Voiceover for Nasa
Voiceover for European Parliament
Voiceover for Victoria and Albert Museum
Voiceover for Sarsons
Voiceover for Pfizer
Voiceover for VW
Voiceover for Hilton
Voiceover for Fujutsu
Voiceover for Lidl
Voiceover for Bayer
Voiceover for Audi
Voiceover for European Space Agency






A friendly, confident, bright young British voice for your voiceover project, with great range and natural warmth.

Nominated for the One Voice Awards!

With a professional broadcast-quality studio and already with over 10 years experience.

Extremely High Quality Voiceovers

Continually dedicated, professional, timely, efficient & accommodating, making sure she delivers extremely high quality voiceovers. Never a need for a re-read. Cromerty makes a difference & that’s why we work with her!

Stuart Chambers (Executive Producer)
Viola Communications

Wonderful & Professional

Ms. York was a wonderful voiceover to work with. She was very professional and has a quick response/ turn around time even with a six hour time difference!

Brett Redden (Writer/Producer)

Absolutely Brilliant

Cromerty has been absolutely brilliant, enhancing and meeting above standards for our new video game, Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch. Her turnaround was very quick, at a reasonable price. She is a joy to work with and look forward to including her voiceover talents into our new cartoon series and many games in the future. PS- her French is superb – a big recommend!

Nigel Emmanuel
Turbulon Interactive

A Delight To Work With

Cromerty was a delight to work with. She was professional, courteous and delivered a 100% perfect job swiftly and within budget. I couldn’t ask for more.

Keith Crook

Always the best

It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty. Always on time, always the best.

Melis Oktay

Beautiful Voice!

Great talent! Beautiful voice! Fast response It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty!

Tatyana Sentykova
Elephant Games

Looking for a female child voiceover artist for your project? Contact us today for a quote or a non-obligation sample.

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