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Cromerty York - Female British Australian Voice Over In Her Studio

Cromerty York – Female British Voice Over Artist In Her Studio

Having a professional voice studio means I can create fantastic female voice-overs as soon as the client asks me to go ahead.

Clients can listen in via ISDN, Skype, or direct over ipDTL. If they prefer they can communicate in German, French or Spanish, as well as English, so they they can always be sure they are getting exactly what they need for their project.

This allows me to have clients nationally within the UK, as well as globally. My clients are happy that with my communicative approach, and professional outlook I can produce the best female voice overs around, saving them time, money and sleepless nights.

Don’t just take my word for it, look at these testimonials and see what they have to say.

And if you would like a no-obligation quote or audition for your project, contact me today!


Cromerty, it’s outstanding!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful

Dale Petersen
VFT Virtual Field Trips Ltd; Bellingham, USA

Quick Delivery & Very Good Job

Cromerty was very quick in her response and delivered quickly to our feedback and requests. Very good

Jop Japenga
Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken; Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Great Quality

Fast turn-around, great quality, and provides a variety of

Michael Jeong
CineClick and KPicture Productions Inc., Ontario, CA

High Quality

Cromerty produced a very high quality recording in a quick timeframe. It was

Pedro Jr
Speedcom Telecom, Brazil

A Delight To Work With

Cromerty was a delight to work with. She was professional, courteous and delivered a 100% perfect job swiftly and within budget. I couldn’t ask for

Keith Crook

Wonderful & Professional

Ms. York was a wonderful voiceover to work with. She was very professional and has a quick response/ turn around time even with a six hour time

Brett Redden (Writer/Producer)

A Friendly, Approachable Voice

Being faced with the new task of creating an online product that needed a specific voiceover to bring it alive, making it friendly but authoritative at the same time, was daunting. However once we found Cromerty and listened to her (free) sample of some of our material we knew that we’d found the right person. Cromerty was very patient as we provided small pieces of feedback on the recordings she provided to us, making adjustments until we ended up with just what we were looking (or should that be listening?) for. The product has recently been tested successfully by a number of external users. We’ve ended up with what we wanted – a friendly, approachable voice that doesn’t detract from the content, but absolutely brings it alive with just the right

Jo Cheshire (Director of Sales & Marketing)

Absolutely Brilliant

Cromerty has been absolutely brilliant, enhancing and meeting above standards for our new video game, Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch. Her turnaround was very quick, at a reasonable price. She is a joy to work with and look forward to including her voiceover talents into our new cartoon series and many games in the future. PS- her French is superb – a big

Nigel Emmanuel
Turbulon Interactive

A Really Great Job

Cromerty did a really great job. She was always fast to respond and tried out lots of accents and approaches which helped the client iron out what they wanted. She took on board all feedback and gave us three fantastic takes with multiple versions, so we have plenty to choose from. Would recommend her

Louise O'Connor

Extremely High Quality Voice Overs

Continually dedicated, professional, timely, efficient & accommodating, making sure she delivers extremely high quality voiceovers. Never a need for a re-read. Cromerty makes a difference & that’s why we work with

Stuart Chambers (Executive Producer)
Viola Communications

Beautiful Voice!

Great talent! Beautiful voice! Fast response It’s a pleasure to work with

Tatyana Sentykova
Elephant Games

Flawless Final Product

Just recently completed a project with Cromerty and she was an absolute joy to work with. Very professional, stayed ahead of project deadlines and most importantly, delivered a flawless final product! Cromerty has my highest

Ted Lymer
My Appy Kid; Kansas City, USA

Thoroughly professional

Thoroughly professional, and a very pleasant and natural reading of the script we sent. The whole process went smoothly and it was a pleasure working with

Abhijit Shylanath
Emotion Audio; Bangalore, India

Always the best

It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty. Always on time, always the

Melis Oktay