tuqjIjQa’ngan be’ ghoghpIn

DaQoyqu’lu’meH tuqjIjQa’ ghogh raQwI’ nIvqu’ yIrI’!


SIbI’ tuqjIjQa’ngan ghoghpIn be’ DapoQ’a’? QInlIj Qoyqu’moH Cromerty York!

tuqjIjQa’Daq ghoghpIn’e’ jIH Qat law’ HochHom Qat puS ‘ej malja’mey SarvaD ghoghwIj vIqon. Sepvam malja’mey, latlh Sepmey malja’mey je vItoy’. qaStaHvIS wa’maH DIS jIvum ‘ej reH ghogh laHwIj vIDubtaH. vaj Qu’lIjvaD ghogh much pup vIchenmoHlaHchu’.

tuqjIjQa’ngan be’ jIH ‘ej mughojmoHta’ ghoghpInpu’ po’. ‘ey ghoghwIj. jaqmoH. pIlmoH. SeymoH. DuQlaH ‘ej ponlaH. Dunmo’ laHwIj ‘ej QIch qonmeH pat Doj vIghajmo’, pIj mutlhob malja’mey law’.

nIt ghogh tamey vIqonbogh, vaj ghoghwIj QoylaHchu’ ‘IjwI’. wab ta Segh DawIvbogh vIlo’ ‘ej qaSpa’ cha’maH loS repmey motlh vIqonchu’ta’. nIteb jIqonlaH ‘ach choDevtaH DaneHchugh, Skype ipDTL ghap wIlo’laH.

pIj mutlhob HaSta rI’Se’ joq muchwI’pu’; QujmeyvaD, ghojmoHmeH muchmeyvaD, ghogh HablI’ jangmeH qoqmeyvaD, QoQpInpu’ namtunmeyvaD, malja’ qeSmoHwI’meyvaD, QIjmeH HaSta muchwI’meyvaD je vItlhoblu’. DoSwIj vIqIpchu’meH ghoghwIj vIchoHlaH ‘ej vIlISlaH.

qen malja’meyvam vItoy’ta’: NASA, M&C Saatchi, Nestlé, Toyota, the European Parliament, Fisher-Price, Lidl, Philips, Oral-B je. Daqmey Sar HaSta wab joq labwI’pu’ vItoy’ je.

‘Iw HIq vIneH!

Extremely High Quality Voice Overs

Continually dedicated, professional, timely, efficient & accommodating, making sure she delivers extremely high quality voiceovers. Never a need for a re-read. Cromerty makes a difference & that’s why we work with her!

Stuart Chambers (Executive Producer)
Viola Communications

Wonderful & Professional

Ms. York was a wonderful voiceover to work with. She was very professional and has a quick response/ turn around time even with a six hour time difference!

Brett Redden (Writer/Producer)

Absolutely Brilliant

Cromerty has been absolutely brilliant, enhancing and meeting above standards for our new video game, Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch. Her turnaround was very quick, at a reasonable price. She is a joy to work with and look forward to including her voiceover talents into our new cartoon series and many games in the future. PS- her French is superb – a big recommend!

Nigel Emmanuel
Turbulon Interactive

A Delight To Work With

Cromerty was a delight to work with. She was professional, courteous and delivered a 100% perfect job swiftly and within budget. I couldn’t ask for more.

Keith Crook

Always the best

It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty. Always on time, always the best.

Melis Oktay

Beautiful Voice!

Great talent! Beautiful voice! Fast response It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty!

Tatyana Sentykova
Elephant Games

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