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Cromerty York - Professional Female Australian Voice Over

G'day, I'm Cromerty York, one of the most sought-after female voice over actors in Australia.

As a dual-citizen, and based between Perth, WA and London, UK, I work with studios around the world.

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Cromerty York - Female Australian Voice Over


Cromerty York - Female British English Voice Over



What Do I Do?

As a highly respected voice artist, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the fields of advertising, gaming, and e-learning. With my versatile vocal range and captivating delivery, I have lent my voice to countless voice over projects, creating an impact on audiences worldwide.

Cromerty York - Female Australian Voice Over In Her Studio

Cromerty York – Female Australian Voice Over In Her Studio



I have provided voice overs for top brands globally, creating compelling advertising voiceovers that resonate with audiences, both in English and in German.


Whether it’s a captivating television commercial, a radio spot that grabs attention, or an engaging online campaign, my voice brings the brand’s message to life. With my natural ability to convey emotions and connect with listeners, I consistently deliver voiceovers that leave a lasting impression.



My voice talent has brought characters to life and immersed players in thrilling gaming worlds. From powerful heroes to cunning villains, I have lent my voice to a diverse range of gaming projects, including GTA, Red Dead Redemption and Gran Turismo.


Whether it’s providing dynamic narrations, intense dialogue, or captivating storytelling, my gaming voiceovers add depth and authenticity to the gaming experience.


I speak fluent English, French, German, Spanish and Welsh, UK dialects and accents, as well as using Australian, Russian, German and French accents in my work.


Corporate and e-Learning

When it comes to e-learning, I understand the importance of clear and engaging instruction.

Cromerty York - Female Australian Voice Over & Voice Actor

Cromerty York – Female Australian Voice Over & Voice Actor

As an experienced corporate voice actor, I have collaborated with museums, educational institutions, training organizations, and e-learning platforms, such the Louvre, NASA and the Netherlands Board of Tourism.


Through my voice overs, I help learners absorb information, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.


My articulate and precise delivery ensures that learners stay focused and motivated throughout their educational journey.


How I Can Help You

As a voice over professional, my dedication to excellence, and commitment to delivering outstanding results, have earned me a reputation as a professional and engaging talent in the industry.


Whether you are seeking a compelling voice over for your advertising campaign, an immersive gaming experience, or engaging e-learning content, I am here to provide you with exceptional voice over services.


Contact me today to discuss how I can bring your project to life with my expertise as a leading Australian voice over artist.

In the spirit of reconciliation Cromerty York Voice Overs acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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