Female Voice Over Artist

Cromerty York - British Female Voice Over Talent

Cromerty York – British Female Voice Over Talent

As a Female Voice Over Artist, there are several reasons why I love my job.

Firstly, it allows me to showcase my creativity and talent in a unique and engaging way. By lending my voice to various characters, products, and brands, I get to bring them to life and make them relatable and memorable to the audience. It’s always exciting to see how my voice can impact the overall mood, tone, and messaging of a project, whether it’s in a commercial, animation, video game, or audiobook.

I enjoy the flexibility and variety that comes with being a Voice Over Talent. I get to work on different projects with diverse themes, genres, and audiences, keeping my work dynamic and fresh.

Additionally, I have the freedom to work from anywhere, whether it’s a London-based studio, my own professional home studio, or on the go. This level of flexibility allows me to manage my schedule and workload, which in turn, enables me to pursue other passions and interests outside of work, such as photography.

I offer voice overs for corporate work, advertising, radio and gaming, being able to provide a Northern accent voice over, and other accents, plus being a multi-lingual voice actor, including:

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