Are You Looking For A Welsh-Speaking Voice Over?


My name is Cromerty York, and I’m a Welsh-speaking voice actor, born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I’m a professional and well-known Voice Over Artist working around the world.

I provide voice-overs in Welsh, having studied the language at the University of South Wales, and also provide multi-lingual voiceover services in German, French and Spanish, as well as my native English.

As one of the most established and experienced female voice over artists in the UK, I have an excellent range, meaning I’m capable of changing my tone, sound and accent, and even dialect.

These skills mean I get a lot of work in video games and apps, as well as on TV and radio – my versatility is such that I’ve played anything from a Scottish mushroom to a vengeful Goddess.




Cromerty York - Welsh-Speaking Voice Actor In Her Studio

Cromerty York – Welsh-Speaking Voice Actor In Her Studio

One of my major strengths are the “natural reads” (think a persuasive chat with your best friend).

As a professional voiceover artist, my work can be heard globally across many platforms, including video games, TV commercials and radio, as well as documentaries, radio, explainer videos, company web-sites and e-Learning.

My voice has been described as sounding natural, bright, friendly, warm and inviting.


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You might have heard me whilst you were calling your bank, on TV commercials, radio, video games, short movies – including the new John Panton short, Surveyor, and audio tours (including the Victoria and Albert museum in London, and the Netherlands Tourist Board), and Reality House on YouTube.

I’ve worked for clients in The Falkland Islands, Antarctica, Europe, The Middle East, America, Australia and the UK, all from my own professional studio (based in North Yorkshire, UK). I have a reputation for producing clear recordings in any format you request, with a turn-around time (dependent on length of script) of one hour. I am also equipped to record via ipDTL, CleanFeed and  Source Connect Pro, or with direction over Skype, Zoom or Discord from my top-class professional studio.

A Welsh-Speaking Voice Over Actor for Your Games, Adverts and Corporate Projects

A Welsh-Speaking Voice Over Actor for Your Games, Adverts and Corporate Projects

My varied client list includes NASA, The European Space Agency, M&C Saatchi, Nestlé, Toyota, the European Parliament, Fisher-Price, Lidl, Philips, Oral-B and Credit Suisse. I have also worked for numerous UK and global radio stations, as well as a variety of production houses and video game companies.



I am a Northern Voice Over Artist, and can confidently speak in a range of UK accents including the Potteries, North Yorkshire, Bolton, Liverpudlian, Scottish and Welsh.



Besides my native English I also do voice overs in French, German and Spanish, and Welsh (spoken with a slight English accent – but this skill is particularly useful when chatting to European-based clients, as well as doing multi-lingual IVRs).

My language skills have also helped me do work in Finnish and Dutch (neither of which I speak fluently – but I am VERY enthusiastic), and even High Valyrian and Klingon, making me a truly multilingual voiceover.

I’m also particularly adept at French, German and Russian accents.



Drop me an email on, call me on (+44) (0)7786585995, or hop across to my Contact page and let’s have a chat!

Extremely High Quality Voice Overs

Continually dedicated, professional, timely, efficient & accommodating, making sure she delivers extremely high quality voiceovers. Never a need for a re-read. Cromerty makes a difference & that’s why we work with her!

Stuart Chambers (Executive Producer)
Viola Communications

Wonderful & Professional

Ms. York was a wonderful voiceover to work with. She was very professional and has a quick response/ turn around time even with a six hour time difference!

Brett Redden (Writer/Producer)

Absolutely Brilliant

Cromerty has been absolutely brilliant, enhancing and meeting above standards for our new video game, Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch. Her turnaround was very quick, at a reasonable price. She is a joy to work with and look forward to including her voiceover talents into our new cartoon series and many games in the future. PS- her French is superb – a big recommend!

Nigel Emmanuel
Turbulon Interactive

A Delight To Work With

Cromerty was a delight to work with. She was professional, courteous and delivered a 100% perfect job swiftly and within budget. I couldn’t ask for more.

Keith Crook

Always the best

It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty. Always on time, always the best.

Melis Oktay

Beautiful Voice!

Great talent! Beautiful voice! Fast response It’s a pleasure to work with Cromerty!

Tatyana Sentykova
Elephant Games

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